Prashmana Good Health for your body, mind, heart and Spirit -Yoga Therapy and Psychotherapy






The philosophy behind Prashamana is the power of a combination of yoga and therapy for the body, mind, heart and spirit. 'Prashamana' means 'healing', 'tranquility' and 'recovery' in Sanskrit. The restorative power of yoga asanas, pranayama breath work, meditation, chanting and other health and wellness offerings are in line with the belief that taking time for ourselves restores energy and well-being, making us happier, healthier and more available to share ourselves with others.  In a society of to-do lists a mile long and hectic lifestyles, it may seem impossible to carve out time for yourself but it has been proven that in doing so, you will actually be more productive!   Research is very clear on the benefits of cultivating presence, breath exercises and connecting to our physical body to benefit physiological, biochemical and psychological health and well-being.