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How Yoga cures my Type-A Personality!

I have recently started a new job - I have gone back to teaching in the afternoons.  NOT YOGA TEACHING ...  but teaching Grade 2!  I was a public school teacher for years and have taught kindergarten, grade one and grade 3 and for this new job, I'm teaching Grade 2 french immersion students their English subjects (math, English reading and writing, science and visual arts). I wasn't planning on going back but the universe had other plans for me :)  I was called and asked to interview for this job a few days before school started and 5 minutes after getting home from the interview, I received a call back asking me to take the job.  Sooooo I did!  As usual, I threw myself right into my work - I stayed up WAYYYYYY too late preparing, and did not take breaks to eat, rest or get proper sleep.  Such is my compulsive nature when I am allowing my type-A personality to take over.   I spent the ENTIRE long weekend getting ready.  I felt frustrated that my classroom would not be organized in time, stressed that I would not have everything just perfectly planned for my curriculum planning and I caught myself being very hard on myself thinking that I wouldn't be good enough because I didn't have the time to get prepared.  

And then I remembered MY YOGA...


For family members where a family member is suffering from illness or injury, there are fears, traumas and stress. I get emails all the time from families who share their true fears and anxieties with me. There is most definitely a psychological component to living as a caregiver or having illness or injury yourself.



Unfortunately many people feel isolated, alone and embarrassed to admit that they are not coping well emotionally. 

Please know that what you are feeling is NORMAL! Understandable... and that there are people who get what you are going through even though it may not feel like it!

I'm sure you've heard of the term EGO but it's not necessarily what you think it is...  we use the word Ego in layman's terms to describe a person's pride in themselves...  such as "He has a big ego."... 


It's February!  The month for love?!  Yes!  Continuing on with this theme.... 

I want to talk to you about a man named Alfred Adler and his thoughts about something called:


Private Logic

...the ideas you carry about yourself, others and life that constitutes the personal philosophy which rules your lifestyle.   

These are your convictions and beliefs that formed when you were very young and are affecting your relationships and personal life today!


February!  The month for love?!  Yes!!!  Self-love, romantic love, career love...whatever you may be into...  can you be happy?!


Where is your Happy place?

Do you have a happy place?  For me, Yoga is definitely one of my happy places. 

Do you LOVE your Body?

We Are Truly Our Own Worst Critics
When we judge our worth on our physical appearance, we are setting ourselves up
for disappointment.   As we all know, beauty fades with time.   We must focus our
attention on the Beauty Within.  But this is very difficult to do in a society that prizes
outer beauty.  Let's face it, most of us want to look good.   We want to be beautiful,
or handsome, or sexy.   It's normal to feel that way. 


Iliotibial band syndrome is one of the leading causes of lateral knee pain in runners.  If you are suffering from IT Band issues, yoga therapy can help!










Here is a very basic yet powerful breathing exercise for you.  Find even just five minutes per day to incorporate this practice into your daily routine and see for yourself the power of the breath to bring emotional balance.

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