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I have an obsession with feet lately!   And the more I learn, the more I appreciate these wonderful parts of our body for all that they do for us!  Last night I taught a yoga class dedicated to the feet and shared my newfound wisdom as we stretched our lovely feet!  Here's what I have learned:

Our feet are amazing!  They keep us grounded, they are our foundation yet they also allow us to be mobile!  Our feet, and especially our toes allow us to balance.  Our feet keep us aligned.

I am so passionate about integrating yoga therapy with psychotherapy.  My own personal experiences led me to personally experience the benefit of this combination when all other traditional avenues had failed to help me.  I just finished reading a wonderful book called "Oneness and Separateness" and thought I would share my personal response to a few quotes from the book as it really highlights my passion for yoga therapy and psychotherapy.  I hope that by sharing my personal stories, I can help others who may be experiencing chronic or acute pain and have not perhaps considered the possibility of emotional sources.


Feeling Stressed? Try this Yoga sequence for Stress/Migraine:

The throbbing pain of an intense headache, sometimes accompanied by nausea, chills, fatigue, loss of appetite, numbness, vomiting and sensitivity to light -no one wants to suffer through a migraine. 


Fishman, Loren, MD, & Ardman, Carol (2012). Yoga for Back Pain. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Internationally renowned rehabilitation specialist Loren Fishman, MD, is your personal instructor for a healthier back. Newly updated and with down-to-earth techniques and instruction for all levels, Yoga for Back Pain helps you:

  • dinstinguish between the seven major causes of backache;
  • target your source of pain through diagnosis-specific yoga poses;
  • manage, reduce and ultimately end your pain.

Depending on the severity and chronicity of your pain, the postures in this guide, described in detail and illustrated in photographs, will help you determine how to start your own yoga practice or alter your existing practice in order to achieve lasting comfort and strength.






Clark, Bernie (2012). The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga: The Philosophy & Practice of Yin Yoga. Oregon: White Cloud Press.

Yin Yoga is part of the original Hatha Yoga tradition. In its modern incarnation, Yin Yoga combines the influences of Indian Yoga with Chinese Daoist practices and Western science to improve our health on many levels.  With its emphasis on long-held, passive stresses of the deeper connective tissues, Yin Yoga mobilizes and strengthens our joints, ligaments and deep fascial networks. 

"Yin yoga when taught skillfully, can provide an opportunity to go within and re-align our orientation.  It will also affect our physical body in ways that may surprise us.  It is simple, but often challenging.  It will provide us with ample periods of stillness within which we can start to pay attention to what is really happening, right here, right now.  It can provoke insights that may move us to make significant changes in our life or allow us to accept that what is happening right now is exactly what ought to be happening right now.  We may discover ourselves opening up to and connecting with our experience as it is, rather than holding on to resistance and feelings of victimization.  "  ~Sarah Powers






 Liebler, Nancy, Ph.D., & Moss, Sandra, M.S.P.H. (2009).  Healing Depression The Mind-Body Way: Creating Happiness With Meditation, Yoga, And Ayurveda.  New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Healing Depression the Mind-Body Way shines a new light on the darkness of depression by presenting specific antidepression strategies designed to hep you unleash your innate healing potential.  The time-tested advice presented in this book is based on the latest theories of modern science and the practical wisdom of Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural medicine.  This unique book offers a comprehensive step-by-step program for eradicating the root of depression from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being.








NurrieStearns, Mary, LCSW, RYT & NurrieStearns, Rick (2010).  Yoga For Anxiety: Meditations And Practices For Calming The Body And Mind.  Oakland: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Many of us face daily demands and overwhelming difficulties that cause seemingly uncontrollable feelings of anxiety and fear.  When you feel this way, it's healing to calm yourself and to reclaim your sense of innate goodness and well-being.  For centuries, yoga has offered a quiet retreat away from life's pressures and has enabled us to reconnect to our inner wisdom and peace.


Regular yoga practice has been proven to calm stress, enhance concentration and reduce the symptoms of anxiety.  this book offers meditations, mindfulness practices, self-inquiry exercises, and yoga poses that soothe anxious feelings and develop mental clarity.  Before long, you'll free yourself from the anxiety and fears that holdl you back and learn to live with a more open heart and resilient mind.  Just as yoga helps you feel more at home in your body, the mental and physical practices in Yoga for Anxiety help you increase your sense of contentment in life.







Sanford, Laurie (2011). Yoga For Osteoporosis. New York: Hatherleigh Press.

A safe and Easy Approach to Better Health and Well-Being Through Yoga.


Although bone density naturally begins to decreasea at the age of 35, it is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle - and yoga can become an integral part of improving your health and well-being.

Gentle Yoga for Osteoporosis shows you how to integrate yoga into your exercise routine to promote bone health. Because yoga is low-impact and is easily modified to your own needs and abilities, you can safely and effectively reap the benefits of exercise by stimulating bone growth and strengthening muscles.

Whether you are looking to prevent the onset of osteoporosis or have been diagnosed with the disease and aim to reduce your symptoms, Gentle Yoga for Osteoporosis is your complete guide to relieving pain and stress through yoga.


Stiles, Tara (2012). Yoga Cures.  New York: Three Rivers Press.

Do you have a headache? PMS?  Cellulite?  Shin Splints?  A broken heart?  Or do you just need to chill out?  There's a yoga cure for each of these things.  In Yoga Cures, Tara Stiles -owner of Strala Yoga in Manhattan -offers an A-to-Z guide of the poses you can do to target specific problems in your body and get you feeling better right away.  Using the fun, fresh approach to yoga she is known for, Stiles takes on more than 50 common ailments ranging from arthritis and fibromyalgia to jiggly thighs and hangovers.  Through a simple sequence of poses for each, suitable for the beginner through the advanced practitioner, she provides smart remedies that will keep you happy and healthy. 



I had the good fortune of attending a weekend long therapeutics and asana intensive with Noah Maze and all the lovely yogis at Kula Annex this summer. It was INTENSE! AMAZING! INSPIRING!  Noah is funny, down to earth and oh so wise in the ways of yoga.  I learned so much and am so excited to integrate this into my practice and teaching.

Noah has grown up with yoga his entire life and spent his early years in Sidha Yoga Ashrams in India and the U.S. He has studied Ashtanga Vinyasa, Outdoor Education in college, and became a certified Anusarea Yoga Teacher in 2002.  Noah currently lives in LA and has co-founded the Shravana School of Yoga which offers educational programs that connect people to the healing power of the Heart's Light through traditional spiritual teachings, disciplined yogic practices and the transformational power of community (LOVE IT!).  So all in all, Noah is pretty awesome.  Click here to read a detailed description of my experience at this workshop!

At Prashamana, we use non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning products from Norwex.  You can view the products we use here: www.allergyfreecleaning.com We also offer these amazing products for purchase at the studio.  These products allow us to clean the mats, yoga props, floors and all surfaces of the studio using water alone!  The special antibacterial silver woven into the cleaning cloths destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens from these surfaces.  Wow!  We also use their laundry detergent for our bolster covers and towels to provide you with fragrance-free, non-toxic, allergy-safe materials.  So breathe deeply...we promise you won't smell any nasty chemical cleaners here!

Holistic Wellness is a website providing visitors with information regarding anything related to health & wellness. Holistic Nutritionist Samantha Gladish shares her passion for nutrition with you, and educates you on what eating right can do for your body, mind and spirit!

Samantha will be doing the workshops on detoxification as part of our Rise & Shine Detox series this Fall!  She will be preparing smoothies for us and sharing recipes, handouts and lots of great information on how to detoxify our bodies and maintain optimal health and well-being. 

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