Working with individuals, I offer a combination of counseling and yoga. 

  • In our initial meeting I will be learning about you -your present condition, your needs, what is working for you and what you are hoping will change for you.  We will assess your current condition and work together to set realistic goals for you. 


  • With this information I will be able to plan a customized program for you including counseling, talk therapy, prescribed breathing and yoga postures and personal guided meditations.  In a typical session there will be some or all of the following components:   talking, listening, music or healing sounds, silence, breathing exercises, guided meditation, yoga postures, restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga massage.  We will not do anything that is out of your comfort zone and will move at a very comfortable pace that is right for you. 


Most importantly, I hope to create a safe place for you.   A place where you can share your stories, your darkness and your light.  I am a responsible professional and will practice with complete respect for ethical guidelines and your confidentiality.  I will always work with integrity and will uphold my professional obligations to refer you to another professional if I believe your needs are outside the scope of my care. That is my promise to you.  It is an honour and a privilege to work with my clients.


Group Counseling is a wonderful experience and something many people may never have imagined participating in but are thrilled with the experience once they have tried it. To participate in Group Counseling you simply register for the group and show up!  There is no agenda or specific topics of conversation.  Basically this is an hour of time where anyone in the group can bring anything they wish to discuss into the group to share.  Members participate in the group by actively sharing and actively listening to others share.  All members of the group are asked to sign confidentiality agreements.  The group is mediated by the counselor who will step in when needed to support the conversation or set boundaries if required.  I am currently offering Online Group Counseling.  Spaces are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


I offer workshops on a variety of topics related to yoga therapy and psychotherapy throughout the year.  These topics may address physiological, biochemical or psychological health and wellness issues.  If you would like a workshop customized for your organization please contact me to discuss the possibilities.  Scroll down to the bottom of the schedule page to see some of the posters for past workshops that I have offered.