• I work with individuals, small groups and large groups.  
  • I work in a variety of settings from private sessions in home or hospital, in my office, in yoga studios, in long term care residences, in corporate settings and virtually anywhere through online video conference! 
  • My main offerings are One-on-One Private Therapy Sessions, Yoga Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga Massage, Group Yoga Classes, and Small or Large Group Counseling and Educational Workshops. 


Most importantly, I hope to create a safe place for you.   A place where you can share your stories, your darkness and your light.  I am a responsible professional and will practice with complete respect for ethical guidelines and your confidentiality.  I will always work with integrity and will uphold my professional obligations to refer you to another professional if I believe your needs are outside the scope of my care. That is my promise to you.  It is an honour and a privilege to work with my clients.






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